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HSZ-600 Series

The superior performance makes it easier to work by
using simple and intuitive controls.

The convenience of user-friendly and compact design
creates the ideal combination.


Greenough Optical System
Efficient greenough optical system offers superior flatness and outstanding depth of focus.
Effective 6:7:1 Zoom
The predominant 6.7:1 zoom ratio provides for a flexible and effective working environment.
To achieve consistent magnification, the Click Stop function has been implemented to improve work
efficiency. (HSZ-645TR)
Variety of Video Ports
Huvitz exclusive video port lenses assure better quality video images for any digital camera systems.
Wider Base Stand
Ergonomic wide base stand is designed to accommodate a large sample.
High Intensity LED
Bright, adjustable and durable LED illuminator provides an efficient, low energy source of light.
4 Split LED ring light
Compact and adaptable, this LED illuminator can light each quadrant individually or in any combination to
better manage reflection and observation.


Item Specifications
Microscopy body HSZ-645 HSZ-660 HSZ-645TR
Magnification 0.67x ~ 4.5x
Zoom ratio 6.7 : 1
Working distance 110mm
Tube inclination angle 45° 60° 45°
Interpupillary Left / right interlocked
distance adjustment Adjustment range : 55 to 75mm
Viedo camera adaptability - C-mount(0.5x built in)
Click stop - Click stop for each zoom magnification:On-Off switching possible
Auxilliary objective lens Mounting by screwing into the thread at the bottom of frame(M48 thread x0.8)
Standard large stand LED reflected / transmitted illumination large stand
Frame installation Mounting diameter : 76mm
Focusing adjustment Knob rotation tension adjustment
Focusing stroke:120mm
Stage plate HSZ-SPG HSZ-SPG
Light source Transmitted illumination:LED
Reflected illumination:LED
Average LED life span:10,000 hrs.
Input rating:AC 100-240V, 50/60Hz, 10W
Eyepieces HSZ-EPA10x 10x / FN 22 / Diopter adjustment:-8D~+5D / Eyepiece micrometer dist mountable
HSZ-EPA15x 15x / FN 16 / Diopter adjustment:-8D~+5D / Eyepiece micrometer dist mountable
HSZ-EPA20x 20x / FN 12.5 / Diopter adjustment:-8D~+5D / Eyepiece micrometer dist mountable
Dimensions / Weight Dimensions (W*D*H):289.9 x 329.9 x 371.3 / Weight: 5.2Kg