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HRM-300 Series

The compact size minimizes the installation space.

Interchangeable individual modules meet the needs of
any application, you can select the right optional accessory
for your task such as a reflected light illuminator,
transmitted light illuminator, XY stage, Z-axis, etc.


Comfortable Eyepiece
In order to reduce eyestrain, the HRM-300 eyepieces have an extra wide 25mm field number (F.N.).
The 20°angledhead provides a comfortable viewing position. In addition, the prism is designed to minimize
the optical loss.
Superior Optical Performance
Optic System is designed to accommodate up to 6° stage. And they allow for a great
diversity of sample applications from a Wafer Holder to a Glass Plate for transmitted observation.
Z-Axis Focus-Module
The Z-axis Focus-Module features Topographic Analysis and 3D Profiling through our Panasis Software,
which generates a composition of all the 2D images into 3D Profiles.
(Z-Axis Stepping Motor Resolution : Max 0.01um / Stroke : Max 30mm)
ME Function
The current working magnification is displayed automatically and the auto-calibrated
value is measured through Panasis S/W.
Constant Brightness of IL
The working efficiency is increased by providing optimized constant lighting brightness
to the images - even if the observation magnifications are changed during the operation of the microscope.
ECO Function
When an operator is absent temporarily from the work, the auto-power saving mode is enabled
protecting your samples from the heat of the illuminator, energy is saved and the lamp lifetime is extended.
(The sleep mode time is adjustable with Panasis S/W)
Large Stage
Stage in travel range of 350*300mm and 300*200mm provide the best efficiency to examine samples in various sizes.
Full Automation System
The full automation system consists of a motorized nosepieces, Z-axis Autofocus, motorized stage.
The user can observe more quickly and accurately by this system.
HSIA Module
HSIA Module provides convenience to apply to the environmental of the various users.
It also can be easily applied customized soft-ware.



HRM-300 HRM-300M
Optical System Infinity-Corrected Optical System
Illumination Reflected / Transmitted Reflected
Base unit Focus
  • Stroke range: 29.5 mm
  • Coarse and Fine focusing knob
  • Coarse: 17.7 mm/revolution
  • Fine: 0.1 mm/revolution (1 µm scale)
  • Upper limit stopper, Torque adjustment ring
  • Integrated power supply for 12V 100W light adjustment.
  • LED voltage indicator
  • IL switch and ECO switch
Reflected Illumination BF/DF
  • HR3-RLI: Kohler illumination system
  • Brightfield / Darkfield, Normaski DIC, Polarized light
  • HR3-RLIBI: Kohler illumination system
  • Brightfield, Normaski DIC, Polarized light
Light source HM-LH100: 12V 100W halogen
Transmitted Illumination  
  • Kohler illumination system
  • Brightfield
  • Built-in filters (ND6, ND25, LB)
Light source HM-LH100: 12V 100W halogen
Condenser Abbe HR-ACD: N.A 1.20 -
Long-working HR-LWCD: N.A 0.65
Stage 4X4 inch
  • HR-ST4R: metal plate, glass plate
  • Size 210(W) X 170(D) mm
  • Stroke 104(X) X 102(Y) mm
6X4 inch
  • HR-ST6X4R: metal plate, glass plate
  • Size 299(W) X 193(D) mm
  • Stroke 154(X) X 104(Y) mm
6X6 inch
  • HR-ST6R: metal plate, glass plate
  • Size 300(W) X 280(D) mm
  • Stroke 153(X) X 153(Y) mm
10X8 inch
  • HR-ST10X8R: metal plate, glass plate
  • Size 610(W) X 319(D) mm
  • Stroke 255(X) X 205(Y) mm
14X12 inch
  • HR-ST14X12R: metal plate, glass plate
  • Size 710(W) X 419(D) mm
  • Stroke 356(X) X 305(Y) mm
Observation Tube Trinocular HM-WETR: Erect type(F.N 25), Incline angle 20°
Binocular HM-WEBI: Erect type(F.N 25), Incline angle 20°
Eyepieces HM-EPA10X: 10X(F.N 25), Diopter adjustable
Reticle Crosshair, X-micrometer, XY-micrometer, Grid
Revolving Nosepiece BF/DF
  • HM-D5BDRE: 5-position Nosepiece
  • for Dark-field objective lens with DIC slot
  • HM-D5RE: 5-position Nosepiece
  • for Bright-field objective lens with DIC slot
Dimensions Approx. 246(W) X 572(D) X 514(H) mm
Weight Approx. 19 kg

Objective Lens

Objective Lens
Objective Lens Magnification Numerical Aperture WD(mm) Resolution(µm)
PlanFluor EPI 5X 0.15 20 2.24
10X 0.30 11 1.12
20X 0.45 3 0.75
50X 0.80 1 0.42
100X 0.90 1 0.37
PlanFluor EPI-BD 5X 0.15 20 2.24
10X 0.30 11 1.12
20X 0.45 3 0.75
50X 0.80 1 0.42
100X 0.90 1 0.37
LPlanFluor EPI 20X 0.40 12.0 0.84
50X 0.50 10.6 0.67
100X 0.80 3.3 0.42
LPlanFluor EPI-BD 20X 0.40 12.0 0.84
50X 0.50 10.6 0.67
100X 0.80 3.3 0.42

3D Profile Module for HRM-300A

3D Profile Module for HRM-300A
Mechanism High-resolution 5-phase stepping motor, Long cross-roller guide system
Stroke Distance 30 mm
Resolution 0.01 µm
Repeatability 0.5 µm
Max Speed 1.4 mm/sec
Dimensions 240(W) X 157(D) X 202.5 (H) mm
Weight 5 kg
Load capacity 15 kg


Objective Lens
Reflected Light Illuminator Control System HSIA-300
Reflected Light Illuminator HR3-RLI, HR3-RLIBF (Infinite-corrected optical system)
Focusing Module None Motorized focusing module
Cross-roller guide system
- Stroke: 30mm
- Resolution: 0.01㎛
- Repeatability: 0.5㎛
- Max, speed: 1.4mm/sec
Revolving Nosepiece Manual type
HM-D5RE (BF only)
Auto type
HM-5RE-A (BF only)
Load Capacity 15kg
Weight (Frame only) 1.2kg 4.0kg
Brightness adjustment Brightness adjustment
Focus adjustment
Brightness adjustment
Focus adjustment
Automatic revolving nosepiece
Electronics Rating: 100-240V~ 50/60Hz 4.0-2.2A
Weight (Control Box, Pad) 6.9kg